Irish police authorities and legal counsels meet over George Nkencho’s demise

Cops shooting black people have caused various issues over the years. The recent case of George Floyd which rocked the US is still fresh in mind. However, a similar incident has occurred in Ireland, and there are ongoing protests.

Lawyers and investigators arrange a meeting to sort out issues

The legal counsels working for the family of the black man killed by cops in Ireland have said they are planning to meet the police commission in Ireland to discuss what exactly happened to the man and the aftermath.


A plethora of citizens have organized demonstrations demanding justice for the dead man George Nkencho 28 on the 31st of December 2020. In Dublin. On Tuesday, a group of protestors storms the police office in Dublin asking for justice and fairness for the dead man.


However, the federal police agency in Ireland insisted that the man had a lethal knife on the day the tragedy happened. Furthermore, they said George threatened the life of unarmed citizens and other security officers at the scene of the incident.

They also said that cops trailed him and encouraged him to drop his knife before he injures anybody. When that failed, the cops try to use a taser and pepper spray to dislodge him, also this was not fruitful.


It was then that an armed officer fired a warning shot, which unfortunately hit the black man. He was immediately rushed to the clinic, where he later died. The way a warning shot, hit the man remains unclear.

The police service refused to comment further because this case has been referred to a private inquiry commission.

George’s family unsure about fairness and justice

The black man’s lawyer Phelim o’ Neal stated that George was not known to the police and was struggling with mental issues. He also asserted that the dead man’s family does not trust the police and independent inquiry set aside for this case to give a fair hearing.


The family lawyers are now working in tandem with police and commission to get to the root of the matter.